Equipment Supply

AMC Glass LTD (GTE Holding) and some Italian equipments manufacturing companies have signed exclusively commercial agreements to supply their equipment for glass factories. 

Equipment supply:

Glass furnace, forehearth, feeder channels
  • Glass furnace, output part and feeder channels designing. 
  • Recuperativeand regenerative glassmelter 
  • U-shape and transversal glass furnace. 
  • Flue-pipe system with forced and natural exhaust gas stream
  • Reverse valves and pull control valve
  • Gas reducing system
  • Gas burners system
  • Gas burning system
  • Electrical heating system of melter 
  • Electrical heating system of glass-furnace neck
  • Barbotage system
  • Batch loading equipment
  • Videocamera for melting process control at the melter (interior)
  • System of glass depth control
  • System of monitoring and temperature regulation in glass furnace
  • Diesel and Oil emergency system of glass furnace heating
  • Refractory of forehearth top superstructure
  • Cooling and heating system of forehearth
  • System of control and temperature regulation in forehearth 
  • Refractory materials of feeder channels (full set)
  • Cooling and heating system of feeder channels
  • System of control and temperature regulation of feeder channels
  • Electrical heating system of feedeers
Gas dryer drums for raw materials and cullet treatment

AMC Glass gas dryers drums design to dry out raw materials and external glass cullet having capacity up to 30 ton/hours.Gas burners are designed according to European safety standard and worldwide certificated. 

Jaw Crushers for raw materials and cullet
AMC Glass jaw crusher granulaors suitable for crushing material with any hardness features maintaining large productions and good shape. 
  • Heavy construction permits to work with very small close side settings
  • Welded steel plate body
  • Jaw holders os made of high tensile steel cast with 12-14% of manganese. 
  • Side walls are made of special CrNi steel
  • Shaft forget, turned, treated and rectified, mounted on self aligning
Hammer mill for raw materials and cullet

AMC Glass hammer mill are expressly designed for glass factory applications. These equipments has the best production efficiency with the lowest energy consumption cost. The fraction can be adjusted according to the production needs. 
- Welded steel plate body.
- 12-14% Manganese cast steel hammers and side walls

Vibratory screen system for raw materials and cullet

AMC Glass vibratory screen system raw material and cullet, fitting with different screen types according to the process requirements. 
The vibratory screen system can be supplied with aspiration filtering system.
Raw material and batch transport system

AMC Glass raw material and batch transport system having different capacity according to the process requirements.
Conveyor systems partially or completely closed equipped with high quality motor reducers and conveyor belts. 
Bucket elevators can be equipped with standard metal bucks or with light polymer long life material bucks, to reduce the mechanical stress on the equipments. 

Dosing and weighting line

AMC Glass complete dosing and weighting line to guarantee an exact proportion and a good homogeneity of the raw materials, accurate and reliable for a long running. 
Possibility to change the batch receipt fully automatically at any time and run different batch receipts and glass colour, on one line. 

Batch main conveyor system
AMC Glass batch main conveyors solution foreseen dust proofing type completely closed to avoid the batch losses during the transport and assure to the batch operators safe working environment. 
AMC Glass  can propose a new batch conveyor modular system that optimizes sealing of any existing conveyor belt (any width, length, PVC, rubber, etc.), between the loading point and the unloading point. 
Mixing line
AMC Glass planetary mixer system having one or two automatic discharging openings. The tank bottom and side walls are build in interchangeable bolted sections. Mixing and peripheral arms made of steel drill rods easily adjustable and replaceable. Mixing shovel in wear proof cast iron. Automatic unloading with a circular sector opening at the tank bottom, driven by an hydraulic cylinder system. Reduction gear unit built in planetary geared motor, supported by bolted, easily demountable frame on the bridge of the mixing tank and made od spheroid cast iron. Dosing water system to assure the batch humidification set by the operators.
Hot cullet scrapper
The scrapper is mainly employed to gather hot glass from under the forming machines, cool down, and transport the crumbled glass, returning from the cold end area and convoying into the internal glass cullet silo or discharge into the pit. 
АМС Glass propose a high reliable tailor made according the space availability in the plant. Scrapping blades with upper and lower sides are reinforced by stainless steel and manganese. The scrapper can be supplied with local control panel including an inverter that control the chain speed according to the production needs and display system to visualize the water temperature, emergency rope it's install on both sides along the tank to protect the operators and emergency press button is installed on the control panel. 
Annealing and Decorating Lehr
AMC Glass annealing and decorating lehrs are designed according to the highest technology and with high quality materials. 
The lehr can be equipped with gas or electrical burners, high speed fans, thermocouples and thermo regulators produced by very well known worldwide companies. The belts can have different meshes types and sizes.
The lehrs are supplied "ready to run".
● Cat scratch removal system
The AMC Glass Cat Scratch Removal System is based on a new technology that permit to increase the glass homogeneity in the forehearth and remove the production defect termed as "cat scratch". 
The system is composed by two units, installed at the end of the last conditioning zone, the principal is to mix the glass with special shovels, without affect the gobs weight and shapes. 
The units are mechanically and electronically independent, giving the possibility to set individually parameters for each shovel. 
The system can be installed in any forehearth size and deepness. AMC Glass guarantee to remove the defect at 100%.